🥵 MAD 🗞️ NEWS: 🎬 Cast your final vote to decide episode 1-3 bachelor(ette)s, Catch us at ✨Bright Moments NYC ✨...and more ❤️‍🔥

TL;DR — 📣 Voting for our first 3 bachelor(ette)s ends this Thursday, March 3rd at 5pm ET, we’ve shipped a ton of new functionality on our casting game, we are partnering with Bright Moments to bring Proof of Love IRL, and we are hiring!

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We’ve heard a lot of questions about casting for the season, so here’s your source of truth...

📣 Voting for our first 3 bachelor(ette)s ends this Thursday, March 3rd at 5pm ET! Cast your vote if you haven’t yet and check out newly added profiles.

First you voted on the name of our show.

Then you voted on our host (meet Tanthai!)

In the last two weeks, we have had an eclectic array of characters apply or get nominated in to be on our first show Proof of Love, a dating show where NFT holders decide what happens (and who happens).

Now, you get to choose the first 3 Proof of Love bachelor(ette)s, each who will be the star of their own solo episode airing March 13th, 20th, or 27th. Watch them date 4 contestants — also voted in by you each week (more on this below) — compete to “prove their love” to win a hot date with our chosen star OR run with a crypto prize.

Note: you can vote for as many applicants as you’d like as a rose holder. In the future, we may spice things up a bit so you can show some more support for your favorite contestant (cough cough, simp).

🚨We are looking for contestants who:

  • represent our vibrant community - we ❤️ all love
  • optimize for entertainment - the only way this show is bad is if it’s boring

🚢 We’ve shipped a ton of new functionality...

  • You can now change your vote on previously voted applicants 🤔
  • You can view the leaderboard by most recent OR by top # of votes ⏰
  • You can nominate a friend and make a profile for them 💘
wait... ur telling me i can nominate my favorite mfer to help them find love?
wait... ur telling me i can nominate my favorite mfer to help them find love?

As always, you can vote for as many people as you want, not just one!

🌹 How does voting work?

  1. Vote “cast” or “pass” on as many candidates as you want
  2. Cast = 1 vote
  3. For this first round, the candidates who are in the top three get casted!
  4. Voting ends Thursday 5pm ET

🤏 What does it mean to be chosen in this round?

This is the first round of voting taking place throughout our 5-week season (first episode airing next Sunday, March 13th!)

The 3 individuals with the most votes by Thursday at 5pm ET will each be the main character of their own episode, a bachelor or bachelorette if you will.

A new casting race opens each week during the season March 13th - April 10th, and anyone can shoot their shot to date the star of the coming episode. 4 real people — voted in by you — will get to come on Proof of Love (filmed in our production studio in Greenpoint) to woo our lovely star in attempt to win a date OR run with a crypto prize.

Sign up here to get notified when new casting calls drop and keep an eye on our Twitter!

Note: If you applied to be on Proof of Love and do not get chosen in this first round, there will be other opportunities to be in the show as a contestant and we would obviously love to have you as part of the Mad Realities community — that means you should 100% come to filming sessions, live after shows, and get to know everyone in the Discord server since you are now known by all in our casting channel. DM us on Twitter for more info on how to get involved 😎

😴 Considering applying but are sleeping on creating your audition video?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, baby. You have until Tomorrow, Wednesday March 2nd at 11:59 pm ET to get your application in (45 second video max). Get inspiration from our leaderboard of potential contestants. Note: Anyone can be on the show, with or without an NFT.

🚨 Be sure to get people talking about your audition on socials to increase the chances of making it onto the show. Look at these examples from our host auditions to get a better understanding. Also now, with our new improvements to our casting game, If you make your profile, it’ll show up on the leaderboard right away.

📅 Mark your calendars

🚪Wednesday, March 2nd at 11:59 pm ET — Application window to be on Proof of Love closes.

Submit your profiles by Wednesday March 1st at 11:59pm ET.

🔒Thursday, March 3rd at 5 pm ET — Bachelor(ette)s 1-3 locked in

Voting for rose holders closes. Whoever is top 3 in the leaderboard when the timer ends will be the stars of our first 3 episodes.

🚨We are looking for contestants who:

  • represent our vibrant community - we ❤️ all love
  • optimize for entertainment - the only way this show is bad is if it’s boring

🗳️ Monday, March 7th at 11:59 pm ET — Voting for the 4 contestants that will date star #1

Once the star of Episode 1 is locked in, we need your help to find them true love. Think they seem interesting? Apply yourself, nominate your friend to date them for a chance to win a Sangria Rose NFT if they make it onto the show, and vote on potential contestants.

🎥 Wednesday, March 9th at 11:59 pm ET — Filming Episode 1

Our first episode (airing Sunday March 13th at 8pm ET) will be filmed at our production studio in Greenpoint. Yes, that is correct. Proof of Love will be filmed in-person on a REAAAL LIFE SET.

Membership Pass NFT holders have exclusive access to a live stream into the set, and can hang out or throw out creative ideas live as we film. Alice, Devin, Adam, Sarah, and our amazing Proof of Love creative team will be on set, directing, and curating creative ideas from the stream. (We hold creative direction, but we know the funniest and best ideas are going to come from our community!)

📺 Sunday, March 13th at 8pm ET — Episode 1 of Proof of Love airs

Every Sunday night from March 13th to April 10th will be “Mad Realities Night” — an hour-long segment will air live 8pm ET on Youtube. The pre-filmed dating show will be around 10 minutes long, followed by a special live after show — Proof of Love: The After Party — with surprise guest judges. (Episodes will be viewable thereafter online, even if you missed the original airtime.)

🤝 Mad Realities x Bright Moments: A match made in heaven

🏙️ Our shows are content networks and social experiences in one — that’s why we are running an IRL experience in NYC on top of the show online starting Sunday, March 13th. We’re partnering with ✨ Bright Moments ✨ to make this a reality.

Our live after show — Proof of Love: The After Party — will be filmed at Bright Moments in Soho with a live audience consisting of rose holders, Bright Moments community members, and friends.

This show is an experiment and we want to make it a conversation with our community. Watch online (or IRL if you are lucky!) as contestants debrief dates with special guest judges during our live after show. Picture Andy from Bravo vibes.

At this live after show, we will also kick off the casting process for the next week’s episode, have a live auction for a 1/1 NFT related to the next week’s episode (stay tuned for the reveal of the art and the exclusive perks in each 👀), and other surprises to come 👿

Sign up here to get notified about drops, programming, and IRL events in NYC. More to come on this soon 👀

Note: We are doing a panel on Proof of Love and the Mad Realities Vision at Bright Moments this Thursday, March 3rd at 7:30pm ET! Dm us on Twitter if you want to come.

🛖 It takes a village

The Mad Realities Universe is expanding in all directions and it will take a team of interdisciplinary killers to bring our vision of the first decentralized media platform into reality. We are excited to put out new job listings for positions on the Mad Realities core team.

Check out out listings here 👇

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