The Mad Realities Crowdfund

By Devin Lewtan and Alice Ma.

TLDR: Mad Realities is reimagining entertainment for the modern world - focusing on shared experience, co-creation and ownership. A membership pass is your key to the first decentralized entertainment platform, starting with the world’s first interactive web3 dating show Proof of Love 💗

Buying a Mad Realities Genenis Membership Pass gives you:

  • A lifetime basic membership to all things Mad Realities (and access to exclusive community).

  • Voting (Y/N) on our cast: both bachelors and contestants.

  • Ability to interact in real-time with the show: live chat, elimination, showing support (saving contestants), speculating on weekly outcomes, and more.

  • Eligibility to win 1-of-1 commemorative NFTs throughout the season for interaction.

  • Exclusive in-person events.

    In addition to all utility above, those who purchase higher tier membership passes may have the ability to: play host for an episode (if they choose), choose pick-up lines for contestants, have a say in set design, get free limited edition merchandise, and more.

If this sounds interesting to you, or something you’d like to be a part of, read on.



Official Links: Twitter, Discord, Opensea, Instagram, Notion, Website

Patron podium
When the crowdfund ends, the top three backers are awarded a unique NFT. Take the lead and become a top three backer by contributing.
Time Remaining
If a contribution is placed within the last 15 minutes and changes the podium positions, the time is reset to 15 minutes.
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

🌹 Meet Mad Realities

Mad Realities is a team of creatives, visual artists, and developers building the first interactive web3 dating show with community at its core.

Our show will be powered by our community — the line between audience and creator will blur as members of our community vote on cast members, who makes it to the season finale, and what happens on dates each week. NFTs will act as tickets into this new world of content and can creative incentive structures to reward active contributors within our community. The show is a catalyst for a new community and an opportunity to provide experiences that span across the physical world, digital world, and the metaverse.

We feel strongly about three things:

  • Interactivity and shared experiences. We are supposedly in the golden era of content with abundant optionality and sophisticated personalization algorithms, but the experience of consuming content today is passive and revolves around convenience for the consumer. We see the future of content going a step further — community formed around shared attention and events. We like the visual of friends sitting on the couch together watching TV together as it airs. We believe the content that will best embody this social experience will be interactive and will demand active participation from those involved.
  • Co-creation and ownership. From a production standpoint, television is extremely centralized — in-network Hollywood creatives are responsible for the content consumed by the majority of consumers and distribution lies in the hands of antiquated networks and streaming platforms. We believe the future of media is going to be entirely flipped on its head as web3 becomes more mainstream. The creation of new forms of media will be collaborative, contributors will have ownership beyond zero-sum, meaningless credits, and the content will be formed around the sentiment of the community interacting with it as it is being created.
  • Making web3 more accessible to consumers. We believe web3 is the future and has real staying power, yet the barrier to entry for those who are curious is still too high. We want our show to be the first step consumers take down the rabbit hole — by creating content that is appealing to both crypto-native and non-native users and teaching new users to set up a wallet to buy or claim an NFT — we want to abstract away the crypto intimidation factor while still teaching web3 fundamentals.

Mad Realities is the MTV of a new type of TV, with endless possibilities. Our shows are social experiences from conception to consumption. We are starting with a dating show, but see all Reality TV as a content-led community, a social experience to be shared. American Idol, Survivor, Judge Judy for cancelled people…the possibilities are endless.


🎫 Crowdfund Details

What do you get by buying in now? Buying an NFT means that you will be given special governance powers in the show in addition to voting on the cast members each week. Each tier comes with its own set of special governance powers of which ticket holders can pick and choose powers from their prospective tier as well as each of the tiers below.

You will also receive $ZERO tokens — the engagement mechanism native to Season Zero. (Disclaimer: The token associated with this crowdfund is purely for fun and Mad Realities will not put up a liquidity pool at this point in time.)

There are a total of 6 Rose Ticket NFTs available. In this first stage of Mad Realities, your NFT is your ticket to interact.

  1. 📀 Sequin Rose Ticket. 1 of 1. Awarded to the 1st place backer. Special powers: get producer credits, receive a commemorative NFT of a top clip from the show, get a video of everyone at in person event bowing down to you.
  2. Bling Bling Rose Ticket. 1 of 1. Awarded to the 2nd place backer. Special powers: automatically put your friend in the show, play host for an episode if in NYC, get a special shout-out in the episode (contestants say "HEY YOU!").
  3. ⚔️ Smoke Rose Ticket. 1 of 1. Awarded to the 3rd place backer. Special powers: have a drink named after you, play a role of your choice for an episode (if you are not in NYC, have an actor play you).
  4. 🕶️ Midnight Rose Ticket. 69 NFTs at 1 ETH price. Special powers: get a special title on the crew, be an extra if in NYC (or have your face or PFP superimposed on someone), drop a pick up line that has to be used.
  5. 🧿 Cerulean Rose Ticket. 100 NFTs at 0.5 ETH price. Special powers: help contestants pick wardrobe for date, play a role in date set design, get free limited edition MR merch.
  6. 🍷 Sangria Rose Ticket. 420 NFTs at 0.1 ETH price. Special powers: access to live chat, watch exclusive extra content, pick final date activity, access virtual and in person parties.

You can contribute as much ETH as you'd like above the minimum NFT price. You can also contribute more than once. The top 3 backers will win the Podium NFTs.

Funds will go towards bringing Mad Realities into reality. It's going to be mad.

You can expect your funds to go towards supporting:

  • Core contributors. A team of hungry founders, developers, creatives, artists, and community ringleaders will be working hard to make this magic possible.
  • Operating expenses. We want to put on a show that is unforgettable. In order to do so, we will be covering all things production, development, and blockchain related fees.
  • Contestants. Putting your dating life on display is no easy feat — contestants will win special prizes for their participation in Season Zero, most excitingly the season finale's all expensed date for the community's favorite couple.
  • Community proposals for future projects. Want to organize a watch party with community members in your city? Want to throw an end of season themed banger? Want to create your own interactive show? We hope to do all of the above with Mad Realities.
3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

🎬 Content

0️⃣ Season 0

This first season of the show will be filmed in person in NYC this March and will be a total of 6 episodes.

  • Episodes 1 through 5 will be first date vignettes.
    • Each episode will have one known contestant decided at the start of Season 0 through our first ever community driven casting call. It is the community's job to nominate and collectively vote on the initial 5 cast members who will each be the main character of their own episode.
    • Each week, new casting calls will open up for our contestant's potential love interests. You, the community, are responsible for helping our contestants find love. Contestants will get to pick the 2 dates they would like to go on based on the 3 top-voted nominees.
  • Episode 6 will be an all-expensed second date. Leading up to the finale of the season, there will be a vote held for the favorite couple of the season who will make it onto a special second date. The community will help decide what the lucky pair will do as they get to know each other better.

📺 How an episode could look

The dating show will be a fun-house of first date horrors. Contestants will partake in dates coordinated by Mad Realities and can only leave for their one mandated bathroom break, when the date-timer expires, or at any point if they shout "I REALLY DON'T LIKE THIS PERSON" extremely loud.

Other features of the show include:

  • Live Commentary — commentators give color commentary as the date unfolds
  • Best Friend Cam — Each participant is accompanied by their best friend, who sit together on a couch in a side room on camera, discussing how the date is going.
  • Bathroom Break — Halfway through the date, we pull out one participant (of the audience's choosing) to "go to the bathroom" to be interviewed on how they think it's going. To signal this, a butler will come out to the date and whisper in the chosen-participants ear that this is happening. The participant must then say "I have to go to the bathroom" to be excused.
  • Body Language Expert — An in-house body language expert watches the date on mute and reports how attracted they think each participant is to the other on a scale of 0-1000.
  • Laugh Counter — An on-screen scoreboard tracks how many times each person has laughed
  • The Debrief — One participant is interviewed after the date, with their thoughts on how it went
  • & more...

After a first date, it can be confusing to know if you actually liked the person or if was just a really good restaurant with great drinks and the perfect weather. Our show removes this doubt for you.

🎮 Interactivity

We want the show to be a social experience. That means ticket holders will have a say in:

  1. Casting. When Season 0 goes live, we will hold our first ever community driven casting call. It is the community's job to nominate and collectively vote on the initial 5 cast members who will each be the main character of their own episode throughout the season. Each week, new casting calls will open up for the second contestant of the episode. The community is responsible for helping our contestants find love. Contestants will get to pick who they would like to go on a date out of the top 5 most voted individuals.
  2. Contestant prep. Before each date, contestants will look to the community to help them decide their outfit for their special first date.
  3. Predictions. Bet on what contestants are going to say during their confessional interviews.
  4. Choose-your-own-adventure finale. Leading up to the finale of the season, there will be a vote held for the favorite couple of the season who will make it onto a second date. The community will also have a say in what the final date activity will be.

Phase 1: The Writers’ Room

the creatives

Zero to One. While we have an idea of how Season Zero should work, we want the creation of the show to be transparent and collaborative. We are looking to you to help us build the first web3 interactive dating show leading up to our official launch this Winter.

Discord Server. Once you buy your Rose NFT Ticket, you will be added to the Mad Realities Discord server where you can meet others in the community, vote on creative decisions, show mechanics, and how the treasury is invested. You will be eligible to receive airdrops of future 1-of-1 NFTs that give special governance rights related to the show.

Phase 2: Season 0

the casting crew

Season Launch. We will kick off the season with our first community driven casting process on Valentine’s Day 2022 will have an official launch of Season 0 March 2022. Going forward, ticket holders will have the ability to vote on contestants, prep each week's contestants for their first date, and decide who makes it to the final episode and what they get to do.

Programming. New episodes will air each week on Sunday nights (ET) during the 6 week season. We want people to get together with their friends and watch together. Let's bring back the excitement of watching TV together with friends as it airs.

Future NFTs. We will release new batches of tickets each week for those who want to interact with the show that did not get to participant in the original crowdfund and early production days. At times during Season Zero, 1-of-1 NFTs will be released that will represent access to behind the scenes content, special governance rights, or just collectibles of show highlights. Early ticket holders may be airdropped tickets to share with friends.

IRL Celebration. At the end of the season, Mad Realities will throw a party in NYC to celebrate the madness we created.

🧿 Then What?

We want to bridge the physical world, digital world, and the metaverse. Down the line, Mad Realities will be a universe of social experiences created, funded, and owned by the DAO. By giving community ownership, the community will be empowered to build their own experiences that increase the value of the Mad Realities universe.

Future iterations could include:

  • Introducing a Mad Realities governance token
  • Building out dating features (dating game that can be spun up in micro-communities, swiping on community members, sending digital roses and chocolates, etc.)
  • Expanding beyond the dating genre and opening up the opportunity of co-creating new types of decentralized shows
  • City DAOs that host events and earn revenue through NFT tickets
  • Decentralized Youtube, lol
  • and more...

Let's find people love and create some chaos. Excited to see what we create together.

👯 Team

👩🏼‍🦱 Devin Lewtan — Devin is an engineer, designer, and until recently was a founder of the hit Clubhouse show, Shoot your Shot: NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys, an interactive dating show -- or as they called it "a bar simulation". Devin was responsible for the viral growth behind the room where participants would raise their hand to come up on stage and "shoot their shot" at someone else in the audience while thousands listened live to see if they would get permission to "slide into the dms" or get roasted by the moderators. The show was born overnight -- what started as a joke between friends from college turned into 5,000+ people listening on the first night, frequent celebrity guests like Diplo, Cody Ko, Justin Kan, Tinx, and brand partnerships where special prizes were given away for best pitches (one night, 3LAU and Logan Paul gave away .65 bitcoin to one person).

👩🏻 Alice Ma — Most recently, Alice was a core contributor for ConstitutionDAO, a highly covered grassroots internet movement which resulted in raising $45m+ worth of ETH in 7 days, bidding for a copy of the Constitution at the Sotheby's auction, losing, and accidentally creating an insanely successful meme coin in China. Before that, she founded & built live audio chat room iOS app Scape, led the team that helped NEA-backed Enigma pivot from enterprise services to self-serve SaaS, and co-founded Archer, a Gen Z hacktivist collective (essentially a 20-person DAO) building tools for citizen journalists to crowdsource headline-worthy investigations on top of public data. Archer received a medal from the US Treasury, launched a bitcoin analysis tool, and created a proof of concept using IPFS to store public records.