🥵 MAD 🗞️ NEWS: 🌱 Minting is 🚫 closing 🔜 (and 🆓 free 🤑 alpha ❤️‍🔥)

TL;DR — We are closing minting Monday Jan 24th at 6pm PT for the Mad Realities Genesis Membership Pass, have our own new Opensea collection that reflects the correct floor price, and have brought on an exciting unnamed producer (you may be able to figure it out by looking at page six yesterday lmao) to bring the first interactive dating show powered by crypto into reality.

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Since launching our vision for a new type of entertainment uniquely enabled by web3, so much has happened. We minted 100+ ETH of Genesis Membership Passes (our minting site closes Monday at 6pm PT!), fostered a community of 800+ creatives, engineers, degens, and romantics, and have built a killer core team from all corners of the internet — ex-Clubhouse matchmakers and + roasters, degen devs that raised $45m+ in 7 days in attempt to buy a copy of the US Constitution, and young creatives in LA trying to do Hollywood differently... we are a diverse group trying to make shit weird.


  1. The people are stoked for our first audience co-created dating show - Proof of Love.
  2. Our vision extends far, far beyond this first step — and extends into a future decentralized media platform that anyone can make content on. Mad Realities is not just one show, and it’s not just the current core team making shows - it is a decentralized media platform that anyone can make content on, that will be audience governed and owned in a way like never before. We have a lot here cooking in the works and are excited to share more with you as this develops.

As Mad Realities gears up to launch our first show, we are closing our minting site for the Mad Realities Genesis Membership Passes on Mirror. This is only the beginning, and we have BIG things in store in the future — and these genesis passes are your key to this future value 👀


Mad Realities is reimagining entertainment for the modern world - focusing on shared experience, co-creation and ownership. A membership pass is your key to the first decentralized media platform, starting with the world’s first interactive web3 dating show Proof of Love.

Membership special powers include (but are not limited to):

  • A lifetime basic membership to all things Mad Realities (and access to exclusive community).
  • Voting (Y/N) on our cast: both bachelors and contestants.
  • Ability to interact in real-time with the show: live chat, elimination, showing support (saving contestants), speculating on weekly outcomes, and more.
  • Eligibility to win 1-of-1 commemorative NFTs throughout the season for interaction.
  • Exclusive IRL events in NYC.

In addition to all utility above, those who purchase higher tier membership passes may have the ability to: play host for an episode (if they choose), choose pick-up lines for contestants, have a say in set design, get free limited edition merchandise, and more.


We now have our own Opensea page for our Genesis Membership Pass NFTs! Before, our Membership Pass NFTs were mixed in with all other Mirror crowdfund editions, but now when you see your rose membership pass shining in your wallet, it will be under a Mad Realities collection with the correct floor price listed. This means that you can rely on your Genesis Membership Pass NFT to unlock the Mad Realities universe.


NFT roses. so hot right now.
NFT roses. so hot right now.

When you mint one of our Sangria, Cerulean, or Midnight passes, you become a Genesis member of Mad Realities — a founding member with a stake in the game. (A king or queen in our eyes, really.)

We’ve gotten feedback from the community that the inclusion of a ERC-721 and ERC-20 token in the Mirror page is confusing, and we’re responding to that by clarifying where the store of value is for your Mad Realities Membership. The core team plans to not focus on the Season $ZERO token in the short term, and Season $ZERO does not correspond to any access or membership to Mad Realities or the Proof of Love show. BUT — in future strategies encompassing the entire Mad Realities platform, we will consider both the Genesis Membership Pass and the Season $ZERO token to cover all edge cases. If it were us, we would hold onto both the Genesis Membership Pass and the Season $ZERO token. (This is not financial advice.)

TL;DR: Your Genesis Membership Pass is your key into the Mad Realities universe & decentralized media platform. Hold on tight to it — it’s going to be a crazy ride! (Fill out this form here to get notified on updates over email or text.)


💏 You’ve heard of Proof of Work... you’ve heard of Proof of Stake... it’s time for Proof of Love. Proof of Love is the first show on the Mad Realities platform — and it’s an interactive web3 dating show that anyone can be on. It’s going to be mad.


  • JAN 24 — mint for Genesis Membership Pass NFTs closes
  • FEB 13 — launch party in NYC (more details to be announced. 25 spots reserved for Genesis Member Pass holders.)
  • FEB 14 — dropping our casting game! be a part of the first decentralized casting crew and vote in our first bachelors and bachelorettes who each star in their own episode. (we know all of you have that one friend that is destined to be on a dating show 👀)
  • MAR 1 — kick off filming first episode in our studio in NYC (special extra content for Genesis Membership Pass holders)
  • MAR 6 - APR 10 — new episodes of Proof of Love air each Sunday night on Mad Realities platform and Youtube with an in person watch party in NYC for Genesis Membership Pass holders.


  • CASTING — Every week, a new casting game launches on our show website where Genesis Membership Pass NFT holders vote in 6 contestants to date the bachelor(ette) of the episode. Note: Anyone can nominate people to be on the show, with or without an NFT.
  • PRE-RECORDED DATES — We film episodes IRL in our studio in Williamsburg on Wednesdays. Membership Pass NFT holders have exclusive access to a live stream into the set, and can hang out or throw out creative ideas live as we film. Alice, Devin, our producer (so mysterious...ooo la la), and our film crew will be on set, directing, and curating creative ideas from the stream. (We hold creative direction, but we know the funniest and best ideas are going to come from our community!)
  • MAD REALITIES NIGHT — Every Sunday night will be “Mad Realities Night” — an hour-long segment will air live (time tbd) on both the Mad Realities platform and Youtube. We have big plans for distribution as well as prizes for participation and predictions. Note: Anyone can watch, with or without an NFT.
    • EPISODE — watch as contestants go on dates and try to ‘prove their love’ to the star in order to win. Membership Pass holders react if they are gmi or ngmi on our platform. What happens when someone wins? They can choose to split the prize with the star or take a crypto prize.
    • AFTER SHOW — watch as contestants debrief dates with special guest judges during our live after show. Picture Andy from Bravo vibes.
    • LIVE AUCTION FOR 1/1 NFTS — every week, we’ll live auction a 1/1 NFT related to the next week’s episode. Stay tuned for the reveal of the art and the exclusive perks in each 👀
    • KICKING OFF THE NEXT CASTING GAME at the end of the show, our host will kick off the next week’s casting race, and voting will begin.
    • IRL WATCH PARTIES — Mad Realities will invite a handful of members to join us IRL for drinks, socializing, and a seat at our live airing of that week’s pre-recorded episode and a live after show.
    • ... and other surprises to come 👿


If you made it this far, this is for you...

  • ...we have a lot of big, big partnerships being finalized that will come out in the next few weeks
  • ...our 1/1 NFTs for auction might be...interesting
  • ...our list of guest judges is pretty epic ngl

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