April 25th, 2022

📺 Building the audience-owned TV platform of the future

In the last year, the rise of NFTs and digital ownership has shaken up traditional power structures and top down control in favor of more decentralized, cooperative systems. In turn, we’ve witnessed the shift of power from the editor to the creator, allowing creatives and fans to own their digital work and capture their upside.

First it was developers, then artists, then musicians. In the next ten years, this same paradigm shift in ownership will come to entertainment – fundamentally upturning the way that Hollywood operates.

March 1st, 2022

TL;DR — 📣 Voting for our first 3 bachelor(ette)s ends this Thursday, March 3rd at 5pm ET, we’ve shipped a ton of new functionality on our casting game, we are partnering with Bright Moments to bring Proof of Love IRL, and we are hiring!

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We’ve heard a lot of questions about casting for the season, so here’s your source of truth...

January 22nd, 2022

TL;DR — We are closing minting Monday Jan 24th at 6pm PT for the Mad Realities Genesis Membership Pass, have our own new Opensea collection that reflects the correct floor price, and have brought on an exciting unnamed producer (you may be able to figure it out by looking at page six yesterday lmao) to bring the first interactive dating show powered by crypto into reality.

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Since launching our vision for a new type of entertainment uniquely enabled by web3, so much has happened. We minted 100+ ETH of Genesis Membership Passes (our minting site closes Monday at 6pm PT!), fostered a community of 800+ creatives, engineers, degens, and romantics, and have built a killer core team from all corners of the internet — ex-Clubhouse matchmakers and + roasters, degen devs that raised $45m+ in 7 days in attempt to buy a copy of the US Constitution, and young creatives in LA trying to do Hollywood differently... we are a diverse group trying to make shit weird.