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Mad Realities Raises $6m Seed Led By Paradigm

In the last year, the rise of NFTs and digital ownership has shaken up traditional power structures and top down control in favor of more decentralized, cooperative systems. In turn, we’ve witnessed the shift of power from the editor to the creator, allowing creatives and fans to own their digital work and capture their upside.

🥵 MAD 🗞️ NEWS: 🎬 Cast your final vote to decide episode 1-3 bachelor(ette)s, Catch us at ✨Bright Moments NYC ✨...and more ❤️‍🔥

TL;DR — 📣 Voting for our first 3 bachelor(ette)s ends this Thursday, March 3rd at 5pm ET, we’ve shipped a ton of new functionality on our casting game, we are partnering with Bright Moments to bring Proof of Love IRL, and we are hiring!

🥵 MAD 🗞️ NEWS: 🌱 Minting is 🚫 closing 🔜 (and 🆓 free 🤑 alpha ❤️‍🔥)

Mad Realities
January 22
TL;DR — We are closing minting Monday Jan 24th at 6pm PT for the Mad Realities Genesis Membership Pass, have our own new Opensea collection that reflects the correct floor price, and have brought on an exciting unnamed producer (you may be able to figure it out by looking at page six yesterday lmao) to bring the first interactive dating show powered by crypto into reality.